Episode 8

Back to School

The school year is upon us. This week Erik, Brian and Dan are talking about things related to security and education. First, we cover the ongoing dilemma of which is better to establish and grow your career in security: certifications or experience. We also debate how traditional education (aka degrees) fit into the equation, and how to jump in if you have neither formal experience nor education and want to join the field... you'd never have guessed but "it depends!" Finally we talk about the challenges that K12 districts have managing security and privacy in normal times, let alone in the recent rush to move to remote learning so quickly.

We also spent a lot of time on mentoring and reaching out to people who are in the field for help, and some resources you can go to for info on mentoring, and the reminder that if you had mentors and those who helped you get where you are, to give back to those who will carry the torch next. Links to resources are in the links below.

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