Episode 30

Monkeys On Your Back

Security has truly gone mainstream. From late night television jokes to state governors not knowing how technology works, as a profession and a vocation, we have arrived.

  • Jimmy Fallon has jokes about security on his show

  • What are the implications of out of date security laws that define what it is to “hack” systems? Keep in mind that some were written as much as 30+ years ago!

  • Is it security’s job to know all the tools in place? Or the business to approach security to help make their tools secure?

  • Is viewing publicly available information or information pushed to your browser actually hacking, or is it legal/OK?

  • Creating laws that stand the test of time is hard. And subject to lots of lobbying.

  • CISO Liability and visibility based on the prominence of the role. Does this lead to targeting to discredit? (think: false social media profiles and deepfakes)

  • Offensive techniques and what happens when companies go offensive against attackers?

  • Prevention as a growing tactic by security teams - especially when life is on the line in the products we make

  • SPAM: is it food or is it email?

  • When is the right time to bring security into your startup? Weaving it in when it is young!

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